Beef Short Ribs

Beef Short Ribs

Start with 4 pounds of beef short ribs.

Sprinkle with sea salt on one side, let sit for 12 hours.  Sprinkle the other side and let sit for an additional 12 hours..

Heat your Lang Smoker Cooker to 225 F. I used my Lang 36″ Original Patio Model.

Put your preferred rub on your short ribs, I like to use  Lang’s “Ole Yellow” Rub,  which has both peach and mustard so it has a great flavor profile.

Cook for 5 hours, Brushing your short ribs with Lang’s “Ole Yellow” BBQ Sauce beginning after the first 3 hours.  Turn occasionally.

Remove and serve with delicious collard greens, mac and cheese and baked beans.

That’s what we did and everyone enjoyed it very much!!

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