Matt’s Chunky Salsa

Bellevue, Tennessee is a neighborhood of Nashville. Bellevue also holds a distinctive aroma coming from Blinky’s Offset BBQ. Owner, Matthew shared his Chunky Salsa recipe with us. To read his interview click on the link.

Matt’s Chunky Salsa

10 pounds of vine ripe tomatoes or red Roma

Two large, sweet onions

Four medium size green jalapeños

Three bunches of fresh cilantro

Five limes and four lemons for juicing

1/4 cup kosher salt

1/4 cup butchers ground black pepper

Diced tomatoes in nickel size chunks or smaller

Dice onion into dime size chunks

De-stem all cilantro leaf as best as possible leaving minimal stems on it and give it in ultrafine dice

Slice and core jalapeños and dice into Half Dime size pieces

Add ingredients in the order and mix.

Then juice the lemons and lime add salt and pepper last.

Smile once you get your first bite with a chip

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