Cold Smoked Bacon

cold smoked bacon on 36 Lang BBQ Smoker DexlueMakin’ Bacon

This 36 Lang BBQ Smoker Deluxe is makin’ bacon – cold smoked!
How low can we go? 110 degrees for 4 hours!
Not many people realize that the Deluxe warmer box does a lot more than warming food. You can cook in it and cold smoke in it. Thank you  to Ross Dorr for sending the cold smoked bacon instructions and photo to us.

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Cold Smoked Bacon
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Cold Smoking
  • "raw" side bacon, pork belly
  1. Block the main flue with a wet towel
  2. Open the butterfly to the warmer
  3. Make a little fire
  4. Maintain warmer at 110

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