Usage tips for a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker

Seasoning, Care, & Cooking

When cooking on your Lang BBQ Smoker® cooker you will need to learn the basics about seasoning the grill, keeping it clean, building a fire and cooking with "clean heat". You will be able to cook Low 'n Slow or Fast 'n Hot on your smoker cooker. Many of our smoker cooker models have a built in charcoal grill.

The most commonly smoked foods are meats and fish. Cooking on a smoker cooker means you are able to choose different types of wood used in a smoker--such as hickory, mesquite, oak and maple—each type of wood adds a variety of tastes. You can choose the taste that appeals to you and cook it to perfection. In addition to the type of wood used, the temperature rate and length of cooking can have a large impact on the food's taste.

We love talking and singing about "Cookin on a Lang"! Many Lang smoker cooker owners also love sharing their experiences on Facebook, testimonials, blog, and posts on an online forum. If you look on the main website you'll find a Beginners Guide, FAQs, Videos, Lang BBQ Cooking app information about Q-School and much more!

When to Season, Fire and Steam

The seasoning process is done only when firing up your cooker for the first time. Follow the firing mode (i.e. doors open) every time you fire up your smoker cooker. The steam cleaning process should be used before and after each barbeque.

Seasoning your smoker cooker

The first step to the best barbecue in the world is learning how to season for your Lang BBQ Smoker®. Once you prepare and learn how to care for your cooker you are ready for some fabulous cooking tips, but first, follow the steps for

First Time Seasoning – Season your smoker/cooker with this easy process.

  1. Spray the cooking area with vegetable oil or PAM.
  2. Spray all the surfaces inside the cooker/smoker, grates, walls and doors.
  3. Fire up your smoker/cooker (see steps 2 and 3).
  4. Pre-cook by letting the oil sizzle and sear.
  5. Pre-cook for 35 to 45 minutes or a bit longer.
  6. When finished, spray with a water mist as described in step 4.

Cleaning your smoker cooker

We recommend cleaning your smoker cooker after cooking because the smoker cooker is already hot and it is never a good idea to leave bits and pieces of meat on the grill which can become rancid and could possibly influence the flavor of your next barbecue.

If you did not clean your smoker/cooker after its last use, do so now with steam cleaning process. If you have already cleaned your cooker/smoker we recommend a quick misting to remove any dust. After the grill is hot, spray some water mist to remove any remaining dust.

Steam Cleaning Process – When the temperature reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit, open smoker/cooker door and spray water mist on the inside with the water hose. This is the steaming process. Let the temperature rise again to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and repeat spray of water mist, steam cleaning the entire cooking area. Add a large piece of wood or two and close the chimney damper to 45 degrees. The fire box vents should then be turned to almost off and let cooker “smoke cure” which creates a hardwood smoked glaze. Clean your cooker after every use for optimum performance.

Remember, the key to delicious food on Lang BBQ Smokers® is a clean grill. The heat is what does the cooking, and the smoke provides the exceptional flavor. 7. Here is what you will need: A stainless steel brush to clean the cooking racks and a scraper tool to scrape down the drip pan.

Cooking Low 'n Slow and Fast 'n Hot on your smoker cooker

Fire up with Kindling or Propane – Light the fire with kindling, charcoal lighter, Wesson oil soaked paper towel, etc., or a propane brush burner. Open all doors, vents and dampers on the smoker cooker; fire box door, smoker/cooker door, flue and smokestack. If possible, bring the nose of the cooker up. Use 4 to 5 split pieces of hardwood, (see wood selection chart to find the best wood for you) approximately the diameter of a soda can. Get a large fire going and wait until black smoke billows out. Then close the door to a “propped open” position (i.e. open latch position). When flames come out of the fire box, close the fire box door to “propped open position (i.e. over closed latch). Check out these instructional videos by Ben Lang on how to start a fire in your Lang BBQ Smoker®

Cooking on a Lang

One of the Q-Schools regular instructors, Chef Paul Kirk

Lang BBQ Smokers® offers barbeque smoker cooking classes at our Q-School in Nahunta, GA and cooking demonstrations at various barbeque festival events with our Q-School On The Trail.

Cooking on your Lang BBQ Smoker® couldn't be easier, but if you want to have expert cooking classes, Lang provides you with the opportunity to attend smoker cooking classes at Q-School. Read what people have to say about Q-School. Classes at Q-School are limited and students will be cooking on a Lang BBQ Smoker® or they can bring their own. Many first-time purchasers coordinate the pick up of their smoker cooker with the class so they can season the grill. The class is suited for back yard BBQ enthusiasts, seasoned barbeque competitors and those considering opening a BBQ business (catering, mobile restaurants, etc.).

Barbeque grilling hot and fast, and smoking a pig with hands-on cooking will teach you all the skills you need to be a first class barbecue master. This class combines slow smoker cooking of a whole hog and hot 'n fast barbeque grilling. Class members will season and grill several types of meats including the whole pig. Instructions will also cover wood selection and fire management.

2013 Q-School Spring students

Fast 'n Hot and Low n' Slow Cooking

Everyone knows that cooking low and slow on a smoker cooker will get amazing tasting food. However, it is also possible to cook fast and hot on a smoker cooker! Our new Q-School class offers training on both types of cooking during a one day class.

Lang BBQ Cooking APP

For a mobile guide on smoker cooking time and temperatures and stick burner wood charts check out our FREE downloadable Lang BBQ Cooking App.

Cooking in the Warmer Box

All of the "Deluxe" models have a warmer box... which is designed to keep food warm. It is possible to cook some foods in the warmer box - the ultimate low and slow.

Charcoal Grills

Many of our small, medium and large smoker cookers have a built in charcoal grill. The "hybrids" are our newest small backyard models with the smoker cooker and charcoal grill built together for simultaneous grilling. Competitors and professional chefs find this feature key to delivering all types of barbecue foods. Many homeowners are thrilled to have a single BBQ unit in their backyards and not two separate smoking and grilling units.

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