How is the unit delivered?

There are several ways to receive your Lang BBQ Smoker®

The fastest way is to come to our factory and pick it up! We'd love to see you and give you some personalized cooking tips during your visit. But if you can't visit us, we'll ship your cooker directly to your door via shipping F.O.B. (Freight On Board) from Nahunta, GA.

Pay when it arrives

When your cooker is delivered, you pay for the shipping. You can receive a free quote for shipping costs by visiting the shipping page. There you will find a handy form you can fill out and send to us and we will tell you approximately how much it will cost. There is also a form to fill out for Piggyback shipping. Or, you can also call for information at 1-800-462-4629

Other Options

There are multiple shipping options available, but additional charges might apply. International shipping options are available. Visit the shipping page. Scroll down to the bottom to view international shipping options.

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