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Lang Instructional VideosHow To Start a Smoker Cooker Fire

Lang BBQ Smokers® Instructional Videos

One of the most frequently asked questions from new smoker cooker owners is "how to start a smoker cooker fire?". Ben Lang shares instructional videos on how to start a fire in your Lang BBQ smoker cooker with kindling and with propane.

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In addition to learning how to light up your smoker cooker the videos show you how and why you want to:

Burn HOT
Burn Out Impurities
Get "Clean Heat"

How to Steam Clean & Season your Grill

How To Start A Smoker Cooker Fire with Kindling Wood

Ben Lang demonstrates how to start a smoker cooker fire with kindling wood, how to get the fire to temperature and then how to steam clean and season the grill.


How To Start A Smoker Cooker Fire with a Propane Starter

Ben Lang demonstrates how to start a smoker cooker fire with a propane starter.


Steps on How to Fire it Up Your Smoker Cooker



  • Dry Wood
  • Select lighting method; kindling, propane torch, charcoal, or lighter fluid
  • Have water hose ready for clean up


  • Open doors and dampers.
    • Open damper on the fire box ( the pin wheel dampers on the fire box )
    • Open flue
    • Open smoke stack
    • Open the door on the smoker cooker
  • Place kindling, wood or charcoal in the fire box
  • Light the kindling, wood or charcoal with a lighter, match or propane torch
  • When lit, add more dry wood to "build a big fire"
  • Once you have have a fire burning and a draft has started
    • Shut the smoker cooker door into the "open latch" position for additional air.
    • Close the fire box door in the "open latch" position to create a draft
    • Notice the smoke stack there will be lots of smoke

How to Get Your Grill Temperature

  • When the temperature starts to climb close the smoker cooker door latch. The smoke in the smoke stack will start going away and you'll have "clear heat"
  • Let the temperature rise past the temperature that you want to cook at. Then when you load your meat you will have a recovery period when the door is open and the meat is on.
  • The smoke stack should be clear, i.e. clear heat
  • When you add wood to the fire box gradually adjust the pin wheel dampers
For more information visit our Beginner's Guide page.


  • Raise the nose of the cooker so the heat is "flowing up the hill"
  • If it's windy, re-position your smoker cooker so the Wind .. position your cooker so the wind blows toward the tail to fan the flame.
  • When the temperature rises open the door to let out condensation.



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