Lang Smoker Cooker Models

What Are The different Models?

All our models have a number identifying the number inches of the grill on the smoker cooker. All of our models are available in a "Deluxe" version which includes additional cooking capacity with a warmer box. Charcoal grills are part of the "Hybrid" cookers, and many larger units also have an attached charcoal grill. The frame and wheel designs determine whether the unit is suitable for backyard use or if it can be hooked up to a truck to travel to events or competitions.

36" Smoker Cookers

The 36" series includes the Original, Hybrids and Run-About models. They are small and designed for families or small groups. The Originals and Hybrids were designed for backyard use and are built onto a patio cart. The new Run-About versions are built on trailer frames so they can hit the road.

36" Lang BBQ Smoker® cooker models

48" Smoker Cookers

The 48 inch models, the Original, Patio and Hybrids, are still considered to be in the "small" backyard cooking category but are one of our most popular sizes requested for competitions. Mounted on a wagon wheel cart for patio use or trailer cart to hook up to a truck, the 48" model can travel or stay at home in the backyard. The choice is yours.

48” Lang BBQ Smoker® cooker models

60" Smoker Cookers

The 60” models are available in the Original, Patio, Cart, and the Long Neck. The "Deluxe" versions include a warmer box. Some of the models feature an attached charcoal grill. These medium size smoker cookers are available with or without a trailer frame.

60" Lang BBQ Smoker® cooker models

84" Smoker Cookers

The 84" is large capacity, and offers 10 models from which to choose, each with features that will make cooking for large crowd a pleasure. It is considered to be a large model and is the most popular model of the Lang BBQ Smoker® lineup.

84" Lang BBQ Smoker® cooker models

108" Smoker Cookers

The 108" models offer  the largest cooking capacity and are often used for commercial cooking. This model can be customized for traveling for the smoker cooking business or built into restaurant outdoor kitchens.

108" Lang BBQ Smoker® cooker models


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