Can I get a custom smoker cooker model?

Yes! You can customize your Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker!

At Lang BBQ Smokers® all our smoker cookers are custom, because each smoker is hand crafted. But if you have additional special needs, that won’t be a problem. In fact, we specialize in customizing. We can do it all, special shapes, different colors and the little touches that matter, like left handed handles for left handed chefs, and a frameless cooker to mount in your own backyard BBQ design.

Work with our Professionals

Ben Lang and his staff of smoker cooker specialists will work with you to create the BBQ cooker/smoker of your dreams. Just select the model that will be the right size for your BBQ needs and tell us what customizations will make the model perfect for you.

Customizations - Use your Imagination

Many customization requests for residential models are to help fit the smoker cooker through narrow gateways and for optimal the positioning in the smoker cooker in the backyard, patio or deck.

Extensive customizations like those in the photo to the right are for commercial concession truck trailers.

Need some ideas? The following are just a few of the tweaks that we can put on your Lang to make it right for your use.

  • Left handed model, i.e. fire box and smoke stack is on the left
  • Frameless models to mount in your backyard kitchen
  • Mount in a permanent BBQ Pit
  • Extended prep area
  • Folding prep area
  • Customized wheels
  • Customized axle widths
  • built into a business concession trailers
  • Stainless steel racks, sliding racks
  • Customized painting to withstand the heat

Remember, Lang BBQ Smokers® are already the best you can buy, but if you need a little extra something on your cooker, you let us know and we will make it perfect for you!

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