Which One Is For Me?

o matter which model you choose, when you cook on a Lang BBQ Smoker® you can’t go wrong, but choosing the right model for your needs is the smart thing to do.

Determine Your Need

Once you know what your needs are now and into the future, you can select the Lang that is for you. First Question: Are you planning backyard, competition, or commercial cooking?

Backyard Cooking for Family and Friends

If you cook for your family on a daily basis, or gather family and friends together on holidays and special occasions, you might find one of the 36" models perfect for your BBQ needs.

The 36" models are small and are designed to provide barbecue for families or small groups. The 36" models provide all the features that the larger models have in order to create excellent BBQ, only for a smaller group. The 36" models hold approximately 60-72 pounds of meat. That translates into four 10lb pork butts and two 16 lb briskets at the same time. If you need more cooking space then that, check out 36" Hybrid Deluxe Run-About that comes complete with an extra- space chargrill and a warmer box for even more cooking space, all on a mobile trailer frame. If you choose the Hybrid Deluxe Run-About, you can travel with your cooker to picnics, the lake and small events to create the best BBQ your friends and family have ever had. 48 inch smoker cookers

Check out the 36" models

You need just a bit more cooking space? No problem, the 48" models should be perfect. This model is considered to be in the small category.

Mounted on a wagon wheel cart, the 48" Hybrid Deluxe Patio Smoker Cooker can provide barbecue for a larger group of family and friends. The Hybrid Deluxe can smoke 20 ½ chickens, or 10 8lb pork butts or 7 slabs of ribs or even a 70 lb pig. The 48" Patio version is a family size smoker/cooker built on a mobile patio cart that can be wheeled from space to space with ease.

Check out all 6 of the 48" models

48 inch smoker cookers

The amount of people I feed varies from time to time.

Great, we have just the model!

The 60" models are designed for medium capacity for large families, extended family and friends, or perhaps employee or business associate events.

The 60" models will hold 40 to 45 ½ chickens or 20 8lb port butts or 15 slabs of ribs. It will smoke a 100 lb pig with no problem. With 7 models from which to choose, the perfect medium capacity smoker cooker will be easy to find.

View the line of 60" model series

I have a lot of mouths to feed...

Then consider the 84" that is large capacity, offering 11 models, each with features that will make cooking for large crowds a pleasure.

The 84" models provide a lot of cooking capacity. It is considered to be a large model and is the most popular model of the Lang lineup. Need to cook 83 ½ chickens? 40- 8lb Boston Butts? 35 slabs of baby back ribs? Or 25 to 30 slabs of regular ribs? The 84" can do it! The 84" Twin Deluxe offers 2 smoker cookers, back to back, and 2 warmers for that extra cooking space. The long neck version is a double smoker cooker with a chargrill and basket with an option to customize the long neck further. Each model is unique.

See the line of 84" model series

I have the MOST mouths to feed...
108 inch smoker cookers

Then the 108" model is just the ticket. If you need to cook 165 ½ chickens or 80 8lb Boston Butts, or 70 slabs of ribs, this model will do it. It is designed to feed masses of people with great barbecue. The 6 models of the 108" model provide you with choices that can even further increase the capacity to feed even more people. Featuring two doors and 2 cooking gauges, the 108 "means controlling the temperature for even cooking easy.

See the lineup of 108" models

Whichever model you choose, you will be cookin' up the best barbecue you have ever made. Lang BBQ Smokers®, the best there is. Call Lang BBQ Smokers® at 1-800-462-4629.

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