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36" Hybrid Deluxe Run-About BBQ Trailer


Individual Family Batch Smoker Cooker, Deluxe warmer box, and Charcoal Grill on a Trailer Frame.

This single unit stick burner smoker cooker has an attached charcoal grill and is built onto a mobile trailer frame for easy mobility.

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Price: $2595.00*

*if picked up at factory

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36" Hybrid Deluxe
Run-About BBQ Trailer

Smoker Cooker, Chargrill, Warmer Box,
and Mobile Trailer Frame

$2595.00* Deluxe


Individual Family Smoker Cooker, Deluxe warmer, and Chargrill on a Trailer Frame.


The 36" smoker cooker holds approximately 60-72 pounds of food for low and slow cooking.

The Deluxe warmer box has additional cooking capacity or warming feature.

The charcoal grill provides additional cooking capacity for hot and fast grilling.



Bottom (2) Rack:  18 1/2" x 15" each
Upper Rack:  23-1/2" x 16" (sliding)
Firebox:  17" x 17"


Warmer: 2 Shelves / Racks



The 36" Hybrid features a single cooking cylinder with a smoker cooker and a charcoal grill, a warmer box, and a trailer frame.

36" Hybrid Deluxe Features:

  • Smoker Cooker
  • Charcoal Grill
  • Deluxe Warmer Box
  • Fold down prep area
  • Run-About Trailer Frame

Standard Smoker Cooker Features:

  • Reverse Flow Heat Baffle Off-Set Firebox
  • All welded construction, 1/4 inch rolled steel, handles are 3/8" thick strong back
  • BBQ Heat Gauge
  • Cooking Cylinder
  • Drip Pans
  • All units come with sliding upper racks

Deluxe Warmer Box

Charcoal Grill


  • mobile trailer frame constructed of 3" channel iron
  • 13" aluminum wheels
  • heavy duty trailer tires
  • additional storage capacity

Available upon request

  • No frame version for mounting in outdoor kitchen or a permanent BBQ Pit at discounted price (prices may vary).
  • Left hand model
  • Stainless Steel cooking racks
  • Skids available for additional $200.00

Easy to use • Easy to clean
Heats up fast - Retains heat for even cooking
Guaranteed results

More about the 36" Smoker Cooker, Chargrill, Warmer, BBQ Trailer Frame

Ordering Info: 36" Hybrid smoker cooker and chargrill units

Due to large demands in spring, please order 2-3 weeks in advance.

PICK-UP/SHIPPING: Pick up the 36" Hybrid Run-About BBQ Trailer smoker cooker and charcoal grill at our Coastal Georgia location. If you need shipping arrangements please contact us for quote.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: A 7% Georgia sales taxes due unless otherwise exempt. All items must be paid for prior to shipment. We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as checks sent to our P.O. Box 547 Nahunta, GA 31553.


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