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What's next best thing to getting a
Lang BBQ Smoker cooker for Christmas?

Ben Lang

A Smoker Cooking Class
BBQ Bucks our gift certificates!

Christmas can be a wonderful and magical time of year... or, it can be a nightmare of hot crowded stores, people coughing in your face, not to mention stepping on your feet, well, you get the idea.

Now here at Lang BBQ Smokers we have a better idea. Buy a seat for one of the Spring Q-School BBQ cooking classes or buy a Lang BBQ Bucks gift certificate!

Q-School Smoker Cooking Class

Lang Smoker Cooker Cooking Classes for Christmas
Buy BBQ Cooking Classes Online
Buy Lang BBQ Bucks online

The next two classes are scheduled for March 20th and 21st! The classes will be down at the Lang Q-School with classes taught by the legendary Chef Paul Kirk! ... click to read more and to buy online


Lang BBQ Bucks a Gift Certificate towards a smoker cooker!

Buy Lang BBQ Bucks for Christmas
Buy BBQ Bucks Online
Buy Lang BBQ Bucks online

Shopping for all the barbecue chefs on your list can be easy. Buy BBQ Bucks for each of them and your worries are over!


BBQ Bucks can be used toward the purchase of anything on our website, or, you can save them until they accumulate and use them toward the purchase of a one of our smoker cookers.


They don't expire so they are perfect to save and use at a later time, or when you are ready to buy your smoker cooker.






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